Canopy Cover/Car Seat Liner Set

The liner helps keep the car seat clean and is so much easier to wash than the car seat itself! The canopy cover is light weight which prevents the baby from overheating while keeping her covered. The material is very soft cotton. The liner and cover goes on easily. The car seat liner is moisture repellent which I haven't tested out yet. The pattern is so cute and can be used for both boys and girls.

Lisa N.

Dual Facing Mirror

This is the best mirror I have had for the car. I got one from another company that is very similar and it always moves so I cannot see my child. I also got a smaller one that is all plastic and it broke before I could even put it up. This dual facing mirror is just the right sized that I can see my child safely while driving. It really easy to put on the head rest.

Jennifer W.

Adjustable Hedgehog Head Support

This is a really cute design. We’ve decided to use this head support on our swing because the set-up that was included with the swing doesn’t offer much support for our newborn. I love the adjustable snaps - it will grow with our baby boy.

Ashley B.

Car Seat Protector

I didn’t know I needed one of these until we got a convertible car seat and my little guy started kicking the seat with his shoes. This particular seat protector is very wide which I love because it covers more surface area. The material is also extremely durable so I’m not worried about it ever ripping or getting a hole. The storage pockets are an extra plus - great place to throw diapers, change of clothes, toys, etc.

Nina A.

This is a must have especially for those who have leather seats. My favorite part is the organizer at the bottom. When you are on the Go with little ones I am constantly trying to find ways to stay organized and make sure we have everything we need for outings and this helps me keep things in my car that we need in an organized fashion. The price is also great for the quality!

Sarah J.

Carrier Handle Cushion

This product is great. It makes carrying the car seat slightly less miserable. It stays on with no issues, is a cute pattern, machine washable, and helps me avoid big red indentations in my arm from carrying my heavy car seat/baby. I also like that it can easily shift over when I need to reach the button on the top of the car seat carrier.

Chava Z.